I was super stoked to be able to get involved with this project, there were so many great entries and pieces inspired by it. I was given five pages to do and decided to go with black & white artwork like the original release of Akira.GE_156GE_157GE_158GE_159GE_160


2 thoughts on “My BARTKIRA Pages

  1. Gordon, Hi – working late I see.

    Now tell me, who did this artwork? Who invented the text? What is it for?

    It reads as though you did it all yourself. Is that right?

    Love from Mum xxx

    1. Hi Mum,

      No it’s not my original idea, it’s a fusion of two intellectual properties, AKIRA which is a famous Japanese Manga story, and the American cartoon series The Simpsons.
      There were loads of artists involved, we were all assigned pages to adapt. I got on the wagon quite late really, but was over the moon to be given these pages as it’s quite a memorable scene to me.


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