ATEM – Masters Graduation Film

Winner of  ‘Best Animation’ award at the Ffresh Animation Awards 2009

According to panel judge (and well known independent film maker) – Joanna Quinn:

“A very interesting and intriguing film. The combination of excellent sound design and great visual design creates a compelling film with strong atmosphere.”

‘Atem’ (Breath) is a graduation short I completed during 2008/2009.


Atem is an animated fantasy short driven by themes of evolution from one form to another, of cosmic interconnectivity and of cause and effect. The film depicts a sequence of events, beginning with cosmic attraction and the birth of mysterious Astral Birds which embody entire dimensions. We are transported through the evolutionary cycle, represented through the growth and flight of these awe-inspiring creatures. Spanning time, from the beginnings of life under vast seas, coalescing and evolving into whales and other life forms. A violent clash between hunter and prey is witnessed, and these energies are symbolically transferred again from a burning star to a determined new reptile beneath its solar windfall. The creature crawls fourth and we end our journey as it carries this energy onward into a seething landscape of fervent life writhing around a serine blaze.


Directed and Animated by Gordon Emanuel

Music by Oliver Emanuel

Produced by Hazel Emanuel



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